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Our mission

EveryDog’s mission is to help dog lovers find new dog friendly places using location based searches identifying beaches, hikes, cafes, breweries, bars, markets, events and/or accommodation. We also share dog friendly day trip itineraries with our EveryDog Trails.

EveryDog also provides a platform for the dog loving community to share their knowledge by adding or reviewing their favourite dog friendly locations. We exist to help you ‘take them with you’ as much as possible.

The Team

EveryDog was founded by me, Kate, with inspiration from the Fox and Wons. You may have seen one or two pictures of the Fox. . .

about us

When my husband and I adopted the Fox, we fell in love! We wanted to be able to take the Fox on fun weekend adventures, out bush or to the beach, followed by a catch up with friends at a cafe or bar – as well as go on family holidays! 

Unfortunately, there was no easy and convenient way to find dog friendly places. And knowing where dog friendly places were in relation to a great dog park or beach was a real struggle! 

Out of these frustrations EveryDog was born!

EveryDog is a platform for sharing all things dog friendly in south east Queensland, including all the dog parks and beaches and over 100 dog friendly coffee shops, breweries and restaurants. Markets, events and accommodation will be added in the near future.

As this is a platform for the community, and by the community, EveryDog will continue to grow – supporting the dog communities love of sharing and reviewing their favorite places to help more fur families to:

Take them with you!

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